About Edith

Campus Prints Artist Edith Schermerhorn

Edith Schermerhorn is acclaimed for her intricately detailed drawings of historic scenes and buildings. With the creation of her continuing collector series, “Campus Prints”, she is recognized both nationally and internationally. Her works hang in both casual and formal settings. She is the mother of a daughter and three sons, and a grandmother of four girls and five boys. Two great-granddaughters add to the fun.

An artist of many facets–design, print-making, and photography–she specializes in Pencil Drawings. Her subjects, in the architectural field, have run the gamut from quaint log cabins and home-places to historic mansions, hotels and train stations. Her concentration is now devoted to the rendering of campus buildings.

A combination of accuracy and artistry has won for Edith the respect of former teachers and fellow artists. It has won for her numerous awards and monetary prizes. Indulging in her love of history, Edith has researched each building depicted and has written a brief compilation of historical facts, plus some “bits of local color” for most buildings. These histories are found on the sheets of authenticity.

Edith received her formal training at Richmond Professional Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University, Harris Advertising Art School, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Marilyn Bevelaqua.

The artist has a personal conviction that in each subject she is asked to draw, there is a uniqueness that characterizes it. Her challenge is to find, and then to portray this aura graphically.