The Perfect Gift …

Thank you for donating and framing the wonderful print of the WWII memorial and pylons of Virginia Tech. Your university print looked great and was the perfect gift for the Price family. 1LT Tim Price’s name will be forever remembered as a hero who fought and died for the everyday freedoms we enjoy. A day that began somber turned out to be joyous after VT beat UVA in football. The family was recognized during the game and received a standing ovation from the crowd of over 65,000. We are so proud of his efforts and are saddened by his loss.

Your graciousness and continued support to the university is greatly appreciated. Please accept one of our Battalion Coins as a small token of our appreciation. The other coin is to mounted on the campus print (WW II Pylons) the cadets want to purchase as a gift to our February Dining—In guest speaker.

Once again on behalf of the entire staff I want to sincerely thank-you for making this day even more special.

– Thomas A. Banasik, Colonel, U.S. Army, Professor of Military Science

Timeless Prints

The University of Richmond Bookstore has held a working relationship with Edith Schermerhorn for over 20 years.Her timeless prints consistently sell through quickly, and many customers request personalization on her artwork to define many of life’s special occasions. Thank you!

– Charnell Grace, UR Bookstore, www.spidershop.com

…Hard To Beat

With great attention to detail, great workmanship, and great ideas, combined with her quick turn around time and reasonable prices, Edith is hard to beat! I recommend her highly!

– Therese J. Myers

Extremely Impressed

I recently purchased a personalized print from campusprints.com as a graduation present for a friend. I was extremely impressed with both the product and the service. I will definitely order from campusprints.com again.

– Kim Woodie

Prized Mementos

I have purchased several College prints for friends and relatives as gifts. Since these prints are limited editions, they will become prized mementos for anyone.

– Bruce Bowen, Retired Coach and Athletic Director, Hermitage High School

The True Spirit of Longwood

Mrs. Schermerhorn’s drawing captures the true spirit of Longwood and the majesty of Ruffner Hall down to the last window and brick. She is a tremendously talented artist who captures the beauty and charm of Ruffner that I remember from my days as a student there.

– Brenda Giannini, Longwood College Class of 1973

Everyone Loved the Prints!

What I love about Edith’s work is the detail – her pencil drawings look like real pictures…the detail in the building, the detail in the trees, the detail in the fences and walkways – it’s truly incredible!

I have used Edith’s prints as gifts for graduations, weddings & Christmas to family members and friends who attended W&M. Everyone has loved the prints.

Keep drawing Edith because I love your work!

– May O’Leary

Happy Memories …

I have purchased several prints from Campus Prints for gifts, and my favorite is my framed print of Monroe Hall from my alma mater, Mary Washington College., The finely detailed print brings back such a flood of happy memories!

– Alice S. Raines, Mary Washinton College Class of 1974

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