Penn State University: Old Main

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Old Main, which serves as Penn State’s central administration building, was built in 1930 following the demolition in 1929 of the original Old Main. The new structure contains many of the limestone blocks taken from the original building. The clock installed in the present bell tower is a gift from the class of 1904, and was taken from the old building. Electronic Westminster chimes which mark the hours and quarter hours, were added later as a gift from the class of 1937. During the period of 1940-1949 Henry Varnum Poor painted the Land Grant Frescoes on the walls of the interior lobby. These murals depict the history of Penn State from its beginning to its maturity. On the lower front steps leading up to Old Main is a sundial in the shape of an open globe, which was presented by PSU’s class of 1966.

Penn State is located at the foot of Mount Nittany in the Nittany Valley. The mountain’s name comes from an Indian folklore tale about a princess named Nita-Nee. After seeing the TIGER on the Princeton campus, “Joe” Mason, a member of the class of 1907, conducted a campaign to choose a school mascot. A student publication took up the campaign and in 1906 Penn State’s student body chose the mountain lion as their athletic symbol. At one time Central Pennsylvania was inhabited by the lion. Molded from a 13-ton limestone block, the most widely recognized symbol of Penn State, sits in a natural wooded setting near the Recreation Building. The shrine was molded by animal sculptor Heinz Warneke and stonecutter Joseph Garatti and is a gift of the class of 1940.

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